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POLYMERFLAME UKRAINE - is an engineering company that applies thermoplastic polymers for cladding and waterproofing of swimming pools, ponds, fountains, and other bodies of water. 
The main objective that we solve with the help of our coatings is decorative and functional protection of structures (concrete, stainless steel, fiberglass, and other materials) from aggressive and unfavorable factors, during long years of operation, without the need for expensive repair or replacement.
We create environmentally friendly thermoplastic coatings that provide:  
   ● UV protection   ● anti-corrosive protection   ● increase in impact and wear resistance properties    ● vandalism protection   ● waterproofing   ● new decorative solutions
The POLYMERFLAME company, through its actions, efforts, and implemented projects, popularizes and develops the revolutionary flame spray technology for applying thermoplastic polymers and creating protective coatings. 

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